A Word From Within..

Yoga breathes, lives and evolves in the body.

As a dancer, the joy and beauty of movement continually inspire my yoga practice. Kripalu’s Yoga of Compassion guides me as do, the inner body teachings of Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten, which encourage opening to an intuitive way of moving.

The Art of Yoga is a meditative flow of movement, playfully merging body, breath and spirit. We focus on the ebb and flow of the breath. An internal awareness develops. The mind begins to still and a sense of peacefulness emerges. In time, one finds comfort and ease in the body and a feeling of fluidity.

Classes explore the inner and outer body focusing on areas of tension, which correspond to the subtle yet powerful energies of the seven chakras.  Classes combine a strong dynamic practice in which energy is enhanced with a slower deeper one which is calming . This interplay between the active and receptive strengthens and heals. The vital life force is awakened.

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